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Our experts cover the full spectrum on products, analog/digital, power desing, embedded system and FPGA desing. Every day, we inform and engage engineers and engineering managers with critical content on rapid technological advances and their applications at the component, chip, board, and system levels.
Our programs range from individual tasks to “clean sheet” designs which require hardware and software development, qualification testing, and system integration support.
We enjoy designing simple but compelling products, and we excel at developing the most technically challenging products for both indoor and extreme outdoor environments.

  • Personel or special device
  • ─░ndustrial device
  • Data logger devices
  • Automobile products
  • Gms and gprs modems
  • Wireless products
  • The Remote machine or device control systems
The Prototype Working Examples;
 Prototype20180502 223538
 Prototype20161016 WA0002
 Prototype20180902 152423
 PrototypeIMG 20170910 WA0000